VS1-X Packer

The VS1-X Packer is a modified version of the AS1-X with the advantage of being able to be set hydraulically or with wireline. The VS1-X is a single string, double-grip production packer. An On-Off Tool Stinger and a Wireline Plug can be installed and then the packer can be lubricated in the hole and set under pressure. After the packer is set, the casing can be bled off and the On-Off Tool Overshot can be run in and latched onto the packer. By just adding drag blocks and drag block springs, and removing the shear screws the VS1-X can covert to the AS1-X.



  • By-pass valve opens before upper slips are released
  • Hydraulically or wireline set
  • Easily converts to AS1-X
  • Available in nickel coating